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BCFS Prom 2017 “A Night in Disguise”

BUCKHORN – This past weekend was full of disguises as the Buckhorn Children’s Center (BCC) hosted their annual prom event.

The theme for the evening was “A Night in Disguise.” The kids were encouraged to wear a masquerade mask along with their formal attire.

Many of the prom dresses and shirts/ties were donated. Community members also volunteered their time and helped the ladies paint their fingernails and do hair/makeup. This was very special for the kids. “This dress from my teacher makes me feel beautiful,” one young woman said.

The evening was full of fun for both the kids and the staff. There was delicious food, good music, and lots of dancing. It was a memorable experience for many of the kids who had never attended a prom before.

The kids with their masquerade masks on


The BCC would like to thank everyone that played a role in making this a special night for the kids. Especially the staff, the community members, and those that donated money or other items that were used.

For more pictures from the prom, please visit our Facebook Page.