Big Creek Missions: A Summer to Remember

Lisa BrownBuckhorn Feature

This summer, the kids at the Buckhorn Children’s Center were treated to action-packed days filled with fun, learning, and games courtesy of Big Creek Missions.

Big Creek Missions, a Christian ministry center in nearby Bear Branch, KY, identifies ministry opportunities for church groups that travel to Leslie, Clay, and Perry counties. As part of their summer missions work, volunteer groups visited our Buckhorn campus from June 1 through August 1, providing day camps each afternoon.

“Every week, there was a different church group at our campus,” said Julia Brewer, Buckhorn’s campus operations manager.

Volunteer leader Joanna Perkins accompanied each group to the campus and worked with them to create four group stations that served our kids throughout the day. Inside our facilities, kids read literature, watched videos, and participated in Bible studies. Outside, church volunteers delighted the kids with waterslides, water balloons, and bounce houses/inflatables. On the field, the kids played volleyball and other sports. And finally, Big Creek Missions made sure to fill our dining room with snacks and drinks.

“Everyone on campus says this was the best summer these youth have ever had here,” Brewer said.

Special thanks goes out to Big Creek Missions for giving these kids a memorable summer and also to Tracy Mitchell, a former BCFS staff member, who now works with Big Creek and passed their information along to us.