A Bright Future

With your support, we can continue to build a loving and inviting world for our children.

When we look into the eyes of these kids, we see endless possibilities. For many of them, they can’t yet see beyond the pain of yesterday, so it’s up to us to show them that today is different and tomorrow is a blessing, full of adventure and wonder, learning and fun. Life can be good, and as BCFS strives daily to bring them the highest level of care and treatment, we’re always dreaming up new and innovative ways to get our message through to them.

A gift from you means that, like us, you see the big picture. The vision we have is not about getting us through today — it’s about the future.

The projects we’re working on now show these kids that we’re not unlike them. We’re working on ourselves, transforming ourselves, and making ourselves better with each new day. We’re building the world they should have always experienced — a place full of love, compassion, and hope.

Your support today can help us get closer to our goals and create:

The Re-Genesis Wilderness Camp

BCFS has designed a therapeutic, outdoor wilderness experience for our kids and community. Dubbed “Re-Genesis,” the project involves the restructuring and revival of a 100-acre primitive camping and wilderness site on our Buckhorn campus. With ropes courses, hiking trails, and outdoor seminars and workshops, the camp will promote recreational therapy, healthy living, and the development of life-long skills.

With its high, rolling hills, historic footpaths, and breathtaking, natural scenery, our campus is an ideal setting for a therapeutic wilderness experience similar to what is offered by Camp Mariposa. To accomplish this, BCFS needs $453,000 to fund specific components of the project that will transform sections of our campus into a fully functioning, challenging, and exciting outdoor adventure.

Children’s Center for Therapeutic Arts

Building on the success of our H2H Therapeutic Music Program, our hope is that our Buckhorn and Dessie Scott campuses will each one day house a theater, soundstage, and library for the promotion and instruction of the visual, musical, and literary arts. A place in which to practice these modes of expression will allow our kids to release their inner turmoil in productive ways and discover hidden talents, while also fostering an atmosphere of normalcy and exciting possibilities in abnormal situations.

Gardens & Greenhouses

As part of a new Farm to Table program at BCFS, we’d like to plant gardens and construct greenhouses on our campuses in order to get our kids involved in learning to plant, grow, and nurture crops for harvesting and cooking. Gardening is therapy, but it’s also a way to allow them to see beautiful spaces, learn responsibility, and provide fresh, free fruits and vegetables to needy members of our communities.

Stand Up 4 Buckhorn!

Thank you for standing up for Buckhorn and Kentucky’s at-risk kids! If you have questions about the campaign, would like to set up a visit, or need information on other giving opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-472-3678.

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