Buckhorn Ambassadors

Be An Ambassador

We might not change the world by changing the life of a child, but we can change that child’s world forever.

The work we’re doing every day at Buckhorn Children & Family Services shows these kids that not all people are bad. There is love and compassion in the world, and we want to give that to them. When no one else around them seems to care, we do.

At BCFS, there is a place for them, a home for them, and people who will never stop standing up for them.

We are the voice for these voiceless children, and you can be, too.

As much as we need funding, we need you. You can be a part of the inspiring story of Buckhorn and help shape the story of the life of a child.

So, stand up now and be an ambassador. Walk on our campuses and meet the children we’re fighting for. Be a light and a voice and take that with you out into the world for them.

Buckhorn Ambassadors believe in our mission. They champion our cause and share our message. They are a vital part of everything BCFS says and does.

To Be An Ambassador Means You’ll:


Tell people about us – your family, friends, and co-workers – and encourage others to Stand Up for Buckhorn in their communities, churches, and places of work and on social media. Lift your voice and tell the world why you care so much for Buckhorn and the children we serve. You might also speak about us at meetings, write articles or blog posts about us, or share related photos on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to drum up support among the people you know.


Host a fundraiser — no matter the size — in your church or community or special group. This is an excellent way to spread the word and invite others to lend a helping hand to children who so often need a hand to hold.

Together, we can offer a life and a future to needy, at-risk kids in communities all across Kentucky.

Stand Up 4 Buckhorn!

Thank you for standing up for Buckhorn and Kentucky’s at-risk kids! If you have questions about the campaign, would like to set up a visit, or need information on other giving opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-472-3678.

Thank You for Your Support!

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