Volunteer Opportunities

Build A Chance

What if you knew you could make a difference in the life of a child?

And what if that difference set that child on a path that led them to a better, extraordinary life?

The kids at Buckhorn Children & Family Services have seen enough darkness in the world. They’ve seen the bad side of living, things that most of us don’t even want to imagine. They’ve come to us from poverty, broken homes, abusive homes, the streets, or even juvenile detention. But the point is they’re here now, we’ve got them, and it’s up to us not to let them down.

So, today is a new day full of possibilities. If, like us, you care about these children and want to play a part in changing their lives, then join us and make that difference as a volunteer!

Help us show them that there is goodness in the world.

No matter how large or small your participation is on our campuses, you can be involved in shaping the future of our children. Visit our campuses in Buckhorn and Pine Ridge, meet these kids, and see firsthand the important role you can take in being a light for them.

What You Can Do

There are plenty of ways to get involved! True to our Appalachian roots, we love visitors and would be proud to have you at “our house.”

Mission Encounters

If you’re looking to make an impact on the lives of at-risk children and teens, consider becoming involved with our Mission Encounters. We regularly welcome church groups, AmeriCorps VISTAS, and various community groups onto our campuses to work with our kids, provide needed services, or conduct special activities throughout the week or on weekends. Possibilities for service include:

Renovate Housing, Painting, & Landscaping

As with any campus, our grounds and facilities could use a facelift now and then. BCFS welcomes church groups, mission groups, groups of student volunteers, and other community and volunteer groups looking for projects both large and small. Whether it’s cutting grass, fixing a roof, or making our cottages brighter and more like home, we’re excited to have you be a part of our mission.

Special Camps & Activities

Our campuses in Buckhorn and Pine Ridge, KY are beautiful but isolated. That remoteness acts as a refuge for our children, but sometimes, especially in summer and winter, the kids need more to do. Week-long summer day camps, weekend camps, and day-long activities are welcome additions to our schedules! Recently, hiking and swimming trips, sports, water games, inflatables, music & drama, and various other activities have really livened up the scene, and our kids have been delighted with all of the fun. If you’re an individual or group interested in providing this for our kids, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Educational Classes & Tutoring/Mentoring

Finding ways to unlock the imagination of our kids, inspiring them, or showing them what the power of an education can do are great, invaluable gifts. Perhaps you have an idea for a music or ceramics class? Maybe you’d like to teach the kids tips about fitness or healthy eating. You might even want to lead the kids in a reading or book group. And, for others, you may want to consider helping kids along in their studies. Whatever your interest, there is room for you at BCFS.

Host a Fundraiser

As the number of abused and neglected children being turned out of Kentucky homes rises, the amount of state funding available for programs designed to help them decreases. That’s why we need you! As much as we need money to provide the kind of treatment and care these children require, we need your time, your talent, and more importantly, your voice to be out there front-and-center for these kids. Hosting a fundraiser at your home, church, school, or in your community can help us keep our programs and services going for generations to come. Share our story and share in the miracle of every young life we change and save at BCFS.

If you can’t come for a visit, just hearing from you or knowing you’re praying for us would mean so much, too!

Wish List

BCFS relies on the generosity of our friends and our community to help us provide for the hundreds of children that we serve on a daily basis, especially during the holidays. Gifts of personal items are greatly appreciated. Click here for a list of items that are needed by children in all of our programs, during the holidays and all year long! You can also contact us for more information on sponsoring a child or residential cottage this Christmas.

We’re open to ideas! If you have a great idea for a new way to serve these children, please bring it with you to our campus or give us a call today.

Give Us a Call

If you, your group, or someone you know would like to schedule a mission trip with Buckhorn Children & Family Services, please call 1-800-472-3678 to get started.