The Nehemiah Project – Phase One

Lisa BrownBuckhorn Feature

Over the past year, Buckhorn Children and Family Services (BCFS) have been working to raise $100,000.00 in order to fund phase one of the Nehemiah Project. Through the Nehemiah Project, BCFS hopes to address the critical needs of the on-campus residential facilities. The cottages that house the youth haven’t had any major repairs or renovations since the mid-1990s. This is an issue that directly affects the children and youth here at BCFS.

This past week, BCFS partnered with Mission Serve to complete phase one of the Nehemiah Project. Mission Serve is an organization that exists to strengthen neighborhoods and improve the lives of individuals by working to eliminate sub-standard housing through volunteerism & community involvement. To learn more about Mission Serve, visit their website or
Facebook page.

Phase one of the Nehemiah Project addressed the priority needs of six cottages on the Buckhorn campus and the Dessie Scott campus. Mission Serve volunteers successfully re-stained the wood siding on two Buckhorn cottages, they replaced the roof on two Buckhorn cottages, and they addressed kitchen and great room issues in two Dessie Scott cottages. Not only did they provide these communities with much-needed volunteerism, but they also hosted worship services and day camps for the youth of each campus.

The staff and residents of Buckhorn Children and Family Services are so appreciative of those who helped make phase one a success. Phase two of the Nehemiah Project will take place during the summer of 2018. Over the next year, BCFS will be working to raise $200,000.00 in order to complete phase two. Visit our Facebook page and stay up to date on all project details!