Qualified Residential Treatment Program

Child-Centered Care

Buckhorn Children & Family Service’s Campus-Based Residential Treatment Program serves boys ages 12 to 17 on our Buckhorn Children’s Center and Dessie Scott Children’s Home campus.

Kids referred to our programs are survivors of chronic and frequently severe abuse and neglect. They are products of families that suffer from drug addiction, domestic violence, poverty, and a lack of education and parenting skills. They are challenged with mental disorders, developmental delays, and educational shortfalls. Many of them have faced the unimaginable and often come to us after a number of failed placements or when no other residential treatment program in the state will accept them.

For these children, it seems like no one cares. For them, they feel like there is nowhere to turn, no one to trust, and no place to go. But, at Buckhorn, we want to show them a hopeful world full of people who will walk the miles with them, who will meet them step for step.

At BCFS, we never give up on a child. When no one else seems to care, we do.

The world isn’t all bad, and we want to show them that there is goodness, light, and love, and that the darkness they’ve come from can be overcome.

For us, residential treatment is not a last resort. Instead, it’s a specialized opportunity to help at-risk kids with a specific set of needs and circumstances.

With our care, they will receive the safety, structure, and guidance they need to learn trust, respect, responsibility, and most of all, hope.



Residential: ages 12 to 17


Residential Treatment: Male


Dessie Scott Children’s Home – Pine Ridge, Kentucky (all-boys campus)

We provide a safe, therapeutic place
 for troubled children to call home while they receive special and powerful evidence-based, trauma-informed care from licensed clinicians.

Our campuses act as sanctuaries as we guide our kids through enhanced, evidence-based treatment for:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Highly aggressive behavior

Substance abuse

Sexual reactive behaviors

Diagnosable mental disorders

Self-harming and mutilation

Trauma-Informed Care

Our services embrace the five values of trauma-informed care:


Ensures physical and emotional safety – “do no harm.”


Prioritizes the client’s choice and control over recovery.


Maximizes collaboration and sharing of power with clients.


Identifies what they are able to do for themselves; prioritizes building skills that promote recovery; helps the client find inner strengths needed to heal.


Maximizes trustworthiness, makes tasks clear, and maintains appropriate boundaries.

Treatment includes expressive arts, recreation, and education, and focuses on family counseling and specialty tracks, sexual reactivity, mindfulness, depression, complex trauma/attachment, and independent living.

Qualified Mental Health Professionals

Our clinical teams at each campus include qualified mental health professionals who work closely with the psychiatrist, counselors, direct care staff, campus nurse, dietician, school system, and community partners.

With new leadership, new staff, the latest treatment models, updated training, and a renewed commitment, the professionals in our cottages have the energy and expertise needed to help these kids navigate the difficult situations in their lives.

In addition to receiving Christian compassion, understanding, and acceptance in our therapeutic campus communities, the BCFS continuum of care provides:

A 24-Hour Highly-Structured Environment

Individualized Treatment Planning

Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

Chemical Dependency and Sexual Offender Assessment & Therapy

Expressive & Milieu Therapy

Specialty Tracks

Medical and Psychiatric Services

Independent Living Skills

Individualized Education

Admissions Process

Referral made to BCFS Admissions Coordinator.

Referral information is shared with Residential Program.

If appropriate placement is available, admission is scheduled with referring party.

If no appropriate placement is available, referral source is notified.

We believe each child can grow and progress toward healthy, adaptive behavior. In our programs, our goal is to turn negative behaviors into positive behaviors by building an individualized program that works for each child and allowing that program to evolve as the child progresses throughout the treatment process. With our help, each child will develop better coping strategies and attitudes, a true sense of self-worth, hope, perseverance, responsibility, and proper and effective communication and life skills so that they can function successfully in society.

Regular Contact Is Important

We appreciate the importance of maintaining and/or repairing family connections, and we encourage visits, phone contact, and family therapy sessions. Parents/Guardians are essential members of the child’s treatment team.

Counseling Services

Kids at BCFS are scheduled to have individual and group counseling at a minimum of once per week. Family/guardian counseling is available, upon request and approval, once per month to help them reach their permanency goal. While this is the child’s formal time for counseling, therapeutic support will also always be available to them from their direct care staff. In addition, each BCFS staff member brings with them their own unique experiences and skills, which our kids can learn and use to help them expand their social and daily life skills.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Dessie Scott Children’s Home also provide Certified Alcohol & Drug Counseling to youth who present substance abuse issues or who may be at risk due to family history.


Approximately four times each week, kids will have opportunities to participate in recreational therapy, which will expose them to more exercise, healthy living, multicultural events, music and fine arts, gardening, etc. as a way to enhance their lives, broaden educational experiences, and develop hobbies and interests. These groups and activities are designed to help teach our kids tools for improving self-esteem, problem solving, and team building. Participation is also encouraged in our daily life skills group, which provides everyone the time and opportunity to share ideas for gaining a better understanding of how to handle feelings and/or problems that occur daily.


At BCFS, we believe that education is valuable and important to our kids achieving future success. Our Dessie Scott campus has on-site public school with teachers provided by the Wolfe County school system, respectively. Teachers assist the students with individual education plans, credit recovery, and experiential learning. Each child’s progress in the school is monitored daily.

Service Learning | Daily Life Skills | Community Service

BCFS believes that through meaningful effort in service learning projects, a youth can experience the feeling and importance of a job well done. These projects will expose our kids to a variety of life skills that will be useful to them, their families, and their communities as they earn their way into an independent living environment.


BCFS offers a variety of leisure and therapeutic recreation activities on our campuses. We also participate in off-campus recreational activities. At least one hour of recreation is granted each day. This hour-long period is scheduled 7 days a week. Recreation may or may not be physical and includes playing sports, hiking, swimming, exercising, board games, arts and crafts, etc.

Voluntary Religious Services

Individual cultural characteristics and spiritual needs are respected, and youth are encouraged to participate in religious services and Bible studies, if they so choose, and/or participate in moral development programs.

If you would like to learn more about our services and mission, or to make a referral to our Qualified Residential Treatment program, please contact:

Crystal Taulbee

Admissions Coordinator

Office Phone: 606-668-6445
Toll-Free: 1-800-472-3678
Cell: 606-362-7266
Fax Server Line: 859-254-1080
Email: crystal.taulbee@buckhorn.org

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