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Finding A Family

At Buckhorn Children & Family Services, we are providing homes of sanctuary, health, healing, and hope to Kentucky’s at-risk children.

The number of at-risk kids being removed from homes in the state of Kentucky is truly alarming.

Along with being taken from their birth family, children and teens referred to our program have often been moved through multiple other placements. They need re-parenting in order to learn to cope, trust, and accept the traumatic experiences of their lives and to believe that there is hope for a stable future. They need a place to call home, and they need a family!

BCFS’s treatment foster parents open their homes to a child who has experienced significant trauma or loss through no fault of their own. In order to recover, these children need intensive treatment and receive an individualized treatment plan with intensive counseling, case management, and support services. Our foster parents receive special training, and BCFS delivers close, in-home supervision to help them support their child.

Although reunification is central to our foster care program, there is always the possibility that a child cannot return to the biological parents. To prepare for such a scenario, BCFS’s training certifies its parents to foster or adopt. If the child cannot return to the natural home, parents are already waiting, bringing the needy child closer to a permanent, loving home.

Through a creative, family-based treatment program, Buckhorn provides youth (from birth to age 21) with an opportunity to have a successful living experience in a family setting, achieve their fullest potential, and become better prepared to be productive adults.

Admissions Process

Referral made to BCFS Admissions Coordinator.

Referral information is shared with appropriate TFC Programs.

If appropriate placement is available, admission is scheduled with referring party.

If no appropriate placement is available, referral source is notified.


Whenever possible and appropriate, pre-admission meetings will be scheduled for the child/youth to meet potential foster care case manager and/or foster family.

Our treatment foster care teams provide:

Evaluation and Assessment

We assess potential foster families’ ability to provide care for children according to State laws and policies and match our waiting child with the best home available for them.

24-Hour Crisis Stabilization

BCFS offers short-term, intensive crisis stabilization for individuals and their families experiencing an acute mental, emotional, or behavioral health crisis. The program is dedicated to helping families remain together as a safe and productive support system.

Pre-Certification and On-Going Treatment Training

All foster families receive pre-certification training. Families learn not only about the child they will be welcoming into their home, but also about how they will play a crucial role in the healing and reunification process. BCFS also offers ongoing training to ensure our foster parents have the latest skills necessary to care for our children.

Individual and Family Counseling

Each child and foster family is assigned a highly-skilled family specialist who will provide regular in-home therapeutic counseling and support services.

Individualized Case Planning

Each child has an individualized treatment plan. Plans are focused on the child’s individual strengths and needs. The plan acts as a guide for foster parents in the way they reinforce progress and set limits and consequences.


Due to the challenges often faced in treatment foster care, BCFS offers respite care to our foster families. In this situation, one of our foster families will take over for another in caring for our child, giving that family a short break.

Recreation and Cultural Activities

Children placed with BCFS foster families attend school and receive services in the community where the foster family resides. We encourage our children in foster care to participate in community, school, recreational, and cultural activities.

Become A Foster Parent

Our offices are located in Buckhorn, Kentucky and Corbin, Kentucky, and accepts children and youth for placement from across the state. Our foster homes are located in the Eastern Mountain Region and Cumberlands Region of Kentucky. If you would like to learn more about opening your home and your heart to a child in need, please click the button below.

Adoption Assistance Services

In meeting our goal to provide a sanctuary of health, healing, and hope to Kentucky’s at-risk kids and families, BCFS provides adoption assistance services to families in the process of adopting a child or children.

BCFS staff will expertly write and deliver Home Studies of the adopting families for the agency or adoption attorney, which is an intricate part of the adoption process. There is a nominal fee of $1,500 for this service.

For information about any of our treatment foster care programs or on how to become a foster parent, or if you need to speak with someone about adoption or to make a referral, please contact:

Crystal Taulbee

Admissions Coordinator

Office Phone: 606-668-6445
Toll-Free: 1-800-472-3678
Cell: 606-362-7266
Fax Server Line: 859-254-1080

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