In early 2015, Chad Warrix and David Tolliver of the country music band Halfway to Hazard created the H2H Therapeutic Music Program for the kids at Buckhorn Children & Family Services. The program, funded by proceeds from the duo’s Crockettsville Charity Concert and Trail Ride, has become a huge part of our kids’ education and treatment.

David Tolliver and Chad Warrix of Halfway2Hazard.

Halfway to Hazard believes that the tradition of music is inherent in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and is a gift to be shared. With wonderful instruments, trained staff, and gifted volunteers, this program has become a great success at both Dessie Scott Children’s Home and the Buckhorn Children’s Center.

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For many of these kids, music is something they love, but they’ve never owned or even held a musical instrument. To have the chance to play, learn, and experience the thrill of making their own music has made a tremendous impact on their lives.

This program, guided by local musician John Craft, teaches the kids to play the guitar, bass, and drums, as well as other instruments that are probably unfamiliar to them, like the mandolin, fiddle, and banjo. Visiting musicians from Kentucky and our surrounding states also bring the joy of music, singing, and songwriting to our campuses.

Music is a comfort, and the kind of creative therapy it provides allows our kids to express their innermost thoughts and feelings in a safe, accepting, and supportive environment. It also awakens the imagination, which can help these children brave upsetting and complex problems.

What’s more, the program inspires these kids to explore their hidden talents and abilities, promoting confidence, self-esteem, goal setting, self-discipline, and community attachment, because the sharing of music allows them to feel more a part of the larger community’s life and culture.

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